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Keller Supply Kitchen & Bath Team - COVID-19 Response
March, 2020


We are still open for business and look forward to welcoming anyone not experiencing symptoms.

We are taking the outbreak of COVID-19 very seriously and to assure you, our customer, and our employees, we have outlined below the precautions we are taking.

We are closely monitoring the CDC, the King County Health Department, and the Washington State Department of Health for all updates and recommendations for business actions. We will evolve our process as the situation and the recommendations advice.

What We Are Doing:

Sick employees are staying home our employees have been asked to stay home when sick and managers will send employees home who exhibit symptoms while at work.

Frequent Hand Washing: 20 seconds of washing frequently and use hand sanitizers. Hourly, as we are dealing with the public.

Additional Cleaning & Sanitizing:

Hourly - sanitizing highly used areas:

• Doorknobs

• Phones

• Displays

• Light Switches

• Tables

• Chairs Railings

• Counters

• Bathroom fixtures

• Work Spaces

For your convenience and peace of mind, you can also reach our sales team by phone, email or visit our website at and do your wish list online and someone will contact you to assist you on your project.

Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to working with you!

The Keller Supply Kitchen & Bath Team!


Ipsum 5th – 27th

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