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Keller Supply formed its Commercial / Industrial Division in the late 1980s. This Keller division specializes in commercial and mechanical products, plus industrial pipe, valves, and fittings. The division was an outgrowth of the specialized development of our plumbing division. We found that many or our loyal customers throughout the Northwest were developing business in the areas of mechanical and industrial contracting. The product needs of these clients could not be adequately inventoried and serviced from our residential plumbing branches. As our commercial inventory grew, we decided that it made sense to develop a specialty division, and to that end, we began by opening the first Commercial / Industrial Branch in south Seattle.
The division has grown considerably since that time. Today almost all of our fifty-five branches, including Portland, Spokane, Anchorage, Kennewick, Missoula, and Boise, inventory a complete supply of commercial products. In addition, we gladly provide quotes and manage all phases of product purchase and delivery. Keller's fleet of trucks will provide delivery on a daily basis in all of the areas we service.
Major projects our Commercial / Industrial Division has supported is impressive and it keeps growing. The projects include Safeco Field, Quest Stadium, The Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Everett's Providence Hospital, and the St. Joseph's and Children's Hospitals in Seattle. We supply products to refineries, manufacturers, desalination and brine plants, chemical facilities, as well as scientific and industrial laboratories.
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