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The Basics

How many manufacturers does Keller Supply represent?

Keller Supply represents over a 1,000 different high-quality manufacturers with a large selection of products to choose from. We feel confidant that we supply your company with what you need for the job, and at the most competitive price.

Does Keller Supply have delivery service available?

Yes, we own a fleet of trucks to serve our customers. Keller Supply takes pride in getting your product to you when you want it—and in perfect condition.

Does Keller Supply “drop ship” from its manufacturers?

Yes, if the requested product is not in stock, then our professional sales staff will ship directly from the manufacturer to the customer site.

What about product availability?

Keller Supply is known for its excellent fill rates and the unsurpassed ability to draw upon inventory from any of its branches. We don’t want you to worry about where your product is. Let us take care of that end.

How many branches does Keller Supply have?

Keller Supply has 70 branches in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska. The branches feature inventory from our various divisions: Residential Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing, Leisure Supply, Heating & Air Conditioning, Hydronics, Fire Protection, and Training.

Can a qualified Keller Supply customer access their account, check on inventory, and place an order from their computer?

Yes, with Keller Supply’s Remote Entry System Access and a computer, you can do all of the above. Visit the Remote Entry System Introductory page on our web site to get the information you need to get connected to this time-saving service we offer you.

Does Keller Supply support a field sales force?

Yes, We have sixty sales staff visiting sites to inform customers of new products and to address customer needs. We are proud of the job they do and the high quality of service they consistently provide our loyal customer base.

How can Keller Supply make it easier for me to run my business?

We are always working on doing just that—making it easier for you. There are dozens of ways we can help. Consider the service of Consolidated Billing—invoices from all job accounts are consolidated into one mailing envelope. With our fifty five branches (and expanding throughout the Western United States), you don’t have far to go to get the best product and at the best price! You can even let us come to you with our experienced field sales force. Almost half of our branches feature Keller Kitchen and Bath Showcases, where you and your customers can visit and experience how products both look and work. The Seattle Showcase is even open on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

How long has Keller Supply Company been in business?

Keller Supply has been a family-owned and run business for over 65 years. Business decisions today are often complicated enough without worrying about how your supplier will perform and communicate. Keller Supply invests back into the business, providing you with facilities, technology, inventory, equipment, and team members focused towards improving the level of our customer service.